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Roman Revival

The Roman Revival is a progressive retro fish designed to be fast, fun and user friendly.  It performs better in steep critical sections than the classic retro fish.

Low entry rocker rocker, a slight beak nose, and more volume for catching waves with ease and gliding across flat sections.  Moderate tail rocker for greater control and maneuverability in the pocket.

Wide point forward for drive with a slightly pulled in nose and swallow tail for increased maneuverability and tighter turn radius while eliminating that wide tail sticky feel fish boards can often have.

It has a flatter deck with slightly pulled down rail which hides volume and increases sensitivity.

The bottom is designed to be user friendly: vee in the nose to a single to double concave through the center to spiral vee out the tail for a combination of speed, control and easy rail to rail transitions.

The Roman Revival comes with a traditional twin keel or split keel fin setup.  Originally developed by Rich Pavel and coined the “Speed Dialer,” the split keel gives fish style boards a performance boost.  The design is essentially a traditional keel style fin split in two.  Essentially turning the keel twin into a quad set with the same fin area as the original Keel.  Positive drive and fluidity are key characteristics, but these fins also allow for quick release, speed through turns, and easier backhand surfing than a traditional keel fin.

Suggested Wave Size: 2 - 8 FT

Suggested Ability Level: Novice to Advanced

Stock Dimensions:

5'0" - 19.50 - 2.25 - 25.4L

5'2" - 19.75 - 2.31 - 27.4L

5'4" - 20.25 - 2.35 - 29.4L

5'6" - 20.50 - 2.40 - 31.4L

5'8" - 20.75 - 2.45 - 33.5L

5'10" - 21.00 - 2.50 - 35.5L

6'0" - 21.50 - 2.60 - 39L

6'2" - 22.00 - 2.70 - 42.5L

6'4" - 22.50 - 2.75 - 45L

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