Poke Bowl:
The Poke Bowl is a high performance shortboard designed for advanced to elite level surfers to push their surfing in a variety of different types of waves and conditions.  It is designed for innovative progressive surfing in the most critical parts of the wave with control, speed, power and flow.


Outline: Conventional shortboard outline with a subtle hip for quick sappy turns.

Roker: moderate rocker throughout the board for speed, drive, and flow with just enough bend off the tail to keep it loose.

Bottom: moderate single to double concave helps get the board on top of the water, generating speed and squirt.

Rails: round shape with low to medium volume keeps the board sensitive and forgiving.

Tail Options: Squash, Swallow, Round Pin, Thumb.

Wave Size: 2-8' faces.

Suggested Ability: Intermediate/Advanced to Professional.

Poke Bowl