The MiniMall is a versatile board for a wide range of surfing styles and conditions.  For riders looking for a performance groveler for maximum fun in minimal surf, it can be ridden super short and wide.  Ride it as a quad, or thruster fin setup or even a single fin if you’re feeling groovy.  The MiniMall is the ultimate mini longboard. Surf the board from the nose or step back on the tail and turn the board on a dime. It is fast, maneuverable, has tons of glide, and heaps of style. Ride as a thruster, quad, single fin, or two plus one.

Outline: shrunk down longboard outline with wide nose that paddles like a dream and pulled in round pintail to keep it responsive.

Rocker: low nose and tail rocker for speed and glide, glide, glide.

Bottom: rolled V to double concave V allows the board to effortlessly roll over on rail.

Rail: Low soft rails with tucked under edge in the tail.

Fin set up: thruster, quad, single fin, or two plus one.


Wave Size: 1-6'

Suggested Ability: All Abilities