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The Ned Snow Comp is an extremely high performace longboard that Ned and I have been working on for the past 15 years.  This is the board Ned rides in contests when the waves are good.  It is ment to be surfed on the tail whil allowing for heater 5's and short 10's.

Outline: Moderately pulled in nose and tail width with a subtle hip for snappy turns.

Rocker: Moderate nose rocker with more tail curve for trim and maneuverability.

Bottom: Rolled V to double concave V for drive ad easy rail to rail transitions.

Rails: Thin/Medium round rails with edge in the tail.

Fin options: 2+1, Thruster, or Quad.

Tail options: Thumb, Squash, or Round Pin.

Optimum wave size: 0-10' faces.

Novice to Advanced ability.


Comp 3

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