The Man O War is a high performance version of the Berzerxa model.  With the Berzerxa as a starting point, 2 inches were added to the length while narrowing the width by 1/4”.  The wide point was moved back towards center and the nose brought in to add more curve through the center of the board.  The original pin tail was turned into more of a round pin.  All this was done to give the board more of a sexy modern look.  More rocker was added throughout the board with double concave added to the center to cut through the increased rocker making the board more responsive while retaining drive.  Lastly,  move volume was added to the deck making for a flat platform while keeping the low sensitive rail.  The increased volume improves paddling and flow through flat sections while the flatter deck and low rail improves sensitivity, control and response.  This board is super fast and loose and is a blast in smaller to medium surf.

Suggested dimensions: 3-5” shorter and 1/2” wider
Wave size: 2-6’
Suggested ability: Novice to Professional

Man O War