The Flash Drive is a versatile alternative to the modern high performance shortboard.  It is a high performance design in a shorter package.  Designed to be ridden 3-6" shorter than an everyday shortboard.

This board has been ridden in anything from waist high to double overhead.

Outline: Shorter length and increased width at the widepoint contributes to maneuverability and the feeling that the boad is stuck to the rider's feet.  Wider nose straightens out the rail line for increased drie.  The round pin handles the barrel extreely well while the suble hip gives the board jst enough release off the top.  Try a squash tail for more snap and release in smaller surf.

Rocker: flatter/subtle rocker flies through fat sections and allows the rider to lay down powerful whipping carves without fear of the board spinning out.

Bottom / Rails: It's subtle single to double concave and thinner rails attribute to just the right amount of speed and control.

Rails: Thinner round rails for sensitive rail to rail transitions

Tail options: round pin, squash, thumb

Optimum wave size: 4-8' faces.

Novice to advanced ability

Flash Drive


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