The Berzerxa is probably the most versatile model in the line.  Designed to be ridden 6-8" shorter than an everyday shortboard.  Don't let the short length scare you, it can literally be surfed in anything from small beachbreak to well overhead barreling waves.  Thi is a modern performance surfboard.

Outline: Wide nose for excellend paddling.  The widepoint is forward of center which creates a longer rail line giving the boarda drivey feel like a board 5-8" longer.  The pulled in round pin tail allows for tighter arcs in the pocket as well as hold and control in more powerful conditions.

Rocker: Flat rocker for speed.

Bottom: It has a single to double concave with V in the nose and tail which translates to speed and control while easily going rail to rail.

Rail: Medium/low rail volume.  Increased volume int eh chest area for drive and paddle power.  It can be ridden as a thruster, quad, or even single fin.

Tail option: Round Pin

Optimum wave size: 1-8' faces.

Beginner to advanced ability.